My sister’s Quilt


Last year I set myself a goal to finish my sister’s quilt, I had to work on it little bit this year as well, but I’m very glad to say we managed to deliver it just before Easter on our holidays to Bosnia and Hercegovina. We spend week with my sister and she was thrilled with it! Which obviosly made me feel very happy!


We had still couple of cold nights while there, and the quilt has been straight put into test which it obviosly passed without any problem.


Here is couple of pictures with the details, if you’d like to see the progress of the quilt, I have written about it  here and also here – those are about 3 years old blog posts 🙂


I very much like to use piped binding, I use it on most wall hangings but it looks really great on large quilts as well, specially if you choose the right colours to get good contrast.


I wanted to personalize the quilt for my sister, so I let her choose a quote from a Bible to stitch on around the Mariner’s compass. As she lives in Bosnia/Croatia it’s in Croatian. This turned out to be quite a challenge as this language has lots of accents and of course I had to make all the dots above every i !! I was working on it at one of our Scissor Sisters Sewign club and one of the ladies said why dont’ I use the end of the threads, which I had to all sew in to hand stitch all these dots and dashes – what a time saving advice! This is what I love about our sewing club – I give a lots of advice but I learn a lot as well.


One big project done and I have a great accomplished feeling and empty table to fill with next project ( well it’s not really empty, just couple of finishing touches on several smaller projects and a biger one to start in my head – do you think we can make it for this years Festival of Quilts??)

Thank you for reading


My two helpers holdign the quilt for the photoshoot:


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  1. What a beautiful and striking quilt. Wonderful colors and overall beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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