Wedding Quilt

If you are following my blog for a while you might have noticed I’m not making as many quilts as I used to. I still have lots of ideas but they take a lot of time, so I must have a good reason for making one. And wedding / house warming gift for a wonderful couple we become to know since we moved here to Suffolk is a wonderful reason!

And so I started by asking the bride … If I were to MAKE you a present would you prefer it to go into your living room or a bedroom? Either way would be lovely was the answer – so very helpful 🙂 Then I asked if she’d preferred modern or traditional design – hoping she will pick modern as I’m not keen on little squares and triangles anymore – only to hear traditional as reply. So my heart sank twice over not at all helpful answers.

Angel Quilt

I didn’t really let that discourage me though. I wanted to make something from my heart to her heart. And so I choose a Jelly roll we had in the shop in the colours I knew would be her cup of tea and  settled on a design which was right on the cross between modern and traditional. I divided  jelly roll strips into 4 groups coming from lighter to darker and sewn 4 strips together – one from each group. Pressed them and cut into equilateral triangles. Then I took my pin up board and pin them on to see how it’s going to work together and also how big quilt it’s going to make. I was lucky that it just fitted double bed, so that was my front. To extend it bit I have added green fabric on the top and bottom which I have also used for binding …

Angel Quilt

This is the finished quilt – but that’s not the full story of the quilt. The big story is happening on the other side of it! I’ll tell you all about it some other day …

Thank you for reading




  1. That is just so beautiful and what an amazing wedding gift. It will be so treasured and hopefully used as well for many years to come. You are so talented and I love seeing your work on your blog.


  2. Fantastic Vendulka ~ even though you say it’s a traditional pattern, it does look contemporary. A wonderful heirloom wedding gift ~ your friends will treasure it for years to come and the story of who made it and why will be passed down through the generations! 🙂


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