Faux Chenille Wall hanging

Wow I have been very quiet! Luckily it doesn’t mean that I had nothing to write about, there have been so many projects finished and of course started as well! Let me do a bit of catch up and over next couple of weeks I’d like to update you on what I’ve been making.

Let’s start with Olivier’s projects using Faux Chenille. I must say it’s his favorite technique, I’m not overly mad about it, but I do love what he is coming up with and of course I’m helping him on the way … but before I tell you about his two latest pieces let me show you where it started about a five years ago.

Back on the Island we were making these painted and quilted wall hangings … and this was the first one where he sneaked in some Faux Chenille – which is layers of fabric, stitched together in lines with small gaps and then slashing the layers except the last one which is holding it together.

Faux chenille

We called the piece “Rust and Gold”. He got very exited, the piece was sold to America before it even had the piped binding! So he went one and created another one ….

Faux chenille

This one is called “Spirit of the Volcano” This time he put much more of the slashed texture into the hanging. This one was sold only quite recently to one of our lovely customers here in Suffolk.

Faux chenille

And then of course he took the technique even further and created “Hidden Waters”. I loved this hanging as I love the colour combination! But we did say goodbye to it at one of our Open Studio events on the Island.

Faux chenille

Faux chenille

Faux chenille

So it started with these three hangings and as people admired them in the shop and kept asking are you going to run it as a class … he got inspired and created another three – this time using only straight stitching, so that it’s doable for people who can’t do free motion quilting. And he took it again to another level.

But I’ll tell you about it next time.

Thanks for reading

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