I gave myself a goal to finish as many project in December as I possibly can and I ‘m so pleased with what I’ve achieved. I prepared two hangings for Olivier, so that he can now cut out fabrics, paint it etc before it will land on my pile again. I have also started to quilt my sister’s quilt … do you still remember that red, white and black Lost at sea blocks with Mariner’s Compass in the middle – I have just checked the date and yes it is just over two years …
Dragonfly textile mosaic

Well this Dragon fly wall hanging I’m going to show you today I have been blogging about even before my sister’s quilt, you can see it here. The thing is … I gave birth to Balthazar just shortly after that and moved house twice since then … so that explains a lot why it was sitting and waiting for so long.


Dragonfly textile mosaic

Nevertheless it’s finished now!!! I’m so very pleased with it! It was a class with Barbara Weeks, (to see her website click here) which I took with my mum, just to have some fun together. It’s done using a mosaic technique – Pieces of fabric with bondaweb on the back are stick to the background fabric.

Dragonfly textile mosaic

I loved the part of creating the picture, but then I took it under the machine and that amount of bondaweb was breaking the thread and I got so fed up with it I moved onto new project and that was it! But now I decided to finish it with waking foot instead of free quilting one and it was so much easier, and faster and most importantly it’s FINISHED! And I’m loving it!!!

Dragonfly textile mosaic

I have also added my favorite piped binding, which is giving it lovely finish!

Dragonfly textile mosaic

Thank you for reading



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