Lakshmi Yantra – gift for myself

Some of you may have noticed that I like Chakras and Mandalas and anything holding a message that we are made of Body, Mind and Spirit and that we need to feed all three parts of our unique being. And I love to feed my soul with symbols to remind me or help me working on different aspects of my life.

In one of the lessons of my Mandala Magic experience with Julie Gibbons, (which I’m definitely doing next year again) we’ve been learning about Goddess Lakshmi and I was so taken by the symbology and meaning of this deity I had to create it onto fabric.

Goddess Lakshmi Yantra

Instead of using a picture of Lakshmi, I decided to use her Yantra. Here is how Wikipedia explain what Yantra is … Yantra (यन्त्र) is the Sanskrit word for a mystical diagram, especially diagrams or amulets supposed to possess occult powers in astrological or magical benefits in the Tantric traditions of the Indian religions.

Goddess Lakshmi Yantra

I’m not really Hindu neither Buddhist, I just look for things which resonate with me and I don’t really mind which religion they come from …

Goddess Lakshmi Yantra

Goddess Lakshmi is supposed to bring fortune and prosperity – material as well as spiritual – and that’s what made me “fall in love” with her. Here is explanation from Wikipedia if you’d like to find out more.

Goddess Lakshmi Yantra

I had this hand dyed fabric for ages – bought it at Festival of Quilts from Alter Ego who makes absolutely gorgeous fabrics and it was waiting a bit for the right project, but I’m so pleased with the result. The large gold piece of fabric is painted with gold fabric paint. Lakshmi name has been painted with glitter fabric paint (both Pebeo) And the lotus is raw edge applique organza, painted around with Markal Paint sticks.Goddess Lakshmi Yantra

This piece is done and will not be much to be seen in the shop as I have already found it a nice place at our home – want to keep it as close as possible ….

Goddess Lakshmi Yantra

Thank you for reading and let me know how you like it



  1. Wonderful, Vendulka! I adore the rich hand~dyed colours of the fabric and the paints you’ve used to enhance the design. I understand why you don’t wish to display this special piece in the shop but to keep it near you in your home ~ I’d feel the same! Hoping that it works and that Lakshmi brings you and your family good fortune and prosperity 😌 x


      • Thank you, Vendulka ~ it’s ironic that I do look really well and am generally happy and up beat! And I am working out ways to do the things that I love ~ crochet and art and gardening, without it causing too much discomfort. Without them I do get ‘down’. 🙂


  2. […] of month ago, when I was working on my Lakshmi wall hanging, Olivier and I were in the middle of talking about how to do this and that on the piece […]


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