Lace making bag and bobbin pocket

There is not a lot of textile crafts I didn’t have my hands on, but lace making is definitely one of them and I’m afraid it will stay that way for quite a while. As much as I love the outcome and admire it, I really don’t have the time for it. But my very good friend back on the Island has started this not so long back. And as she helped me with anything accounting related and answered hundreds of my inexpert questions I owe her a lot. And one of the things I decided to do for her in return for her kindness was a bag for her lace making cushion and pocket for the bobbins.Lace making bag bobbin pocket

She choose a series of fabric and I did a bit online research to find out how it should look. I got the dimension from her and I started to create. The hardest thing was to make it fit without being able to try it during the process. So it was great relieve to receive and email saying … it fits, it fits, it fits!!!!

Lace making bag bobbin pocket

Lace making bag bobbin pocket
I forgot to count how many bobbins she can put in this pocket, but it has quite a few layers. The question I am still wondering about is will she be able to close it with all the bobbins in??
Lace making bag bobbin pocket
The outside of the bobbin pocket opened flat.
Lace making bag bobbin pocket
The best part was to write name on it, as she’s called as me, it’s hard to say if I signed the bag as an author or for her to recognize the bag among the other, which should be easy anyway …

Anyway I had a great time making it!! It was so nice to have a challenge and do something a bit different. The only thing I regret is that I wasn’t there when she opened the parcel. But I got the praise and thanks over the phone and email. It was such a pleasure to make something for somebody who appreciate the work and will think of me when using the bag.

Thank you for reading


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  1. wow- another gorgeous piece from you. She will love her lace making even more, seeing this lovely bag.


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