Quilter’s Guild exhibition at Layer Marney Tower

One of the advantages of life on the mainland is there is always some interesting textile exhibition going on and as more and more people is coming to the shop, we’re finding out about them in time. The latest one we went to this weekend is Quilter’s Guild – Region 8 exhibition at Layer Marney Tower near Colchester.

The place it’s worth the visit on it’s own on a lovely sunny day, there are animals for children to stroke, lovely garden and much more. We unfortunately came on very rainy day, but still enjoyed the climbing the tower and the wet views. IMG_3831


The exhibition was in the wonderful barn which is still being used for the animals on site and the quilts fitted into the surrounding beautifully.



This was one of my favorite quilts from the exhibition, I love chevron runner which I made years ago, and this is the runner times 4 to make a quilt. And the colours …..
Can you see the waving runner, I stumbled on the same design on the internet – it’s made using a 9 degree ruler. It was actually my inspiration to the waving table runner, which is much easier to make.
And what a pleasant surprise to find my design of the Waving runner as a Raffle prize made by one of the many talented ladies from Region 8.

Here is a little slide show of other really nice work by members of the Quilter’s Guild.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another of my favourite quilts was this miniature which was part of the model of the barn preserved behind the glass. We spend quite a bit of time in front of it with Jasmine, going through all the professions presented by little people. This lady sitting there and quilting was quite impressive. And look at the corn dollies as well. It was really well made.

IMG_3849   If you live in the area, the exhibition is on until Thursday 30th July 2015.

Thank you for reading


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