Still busy … what I’m working on

I’m still fighting this cough, which is lasting now more than 3 month! It’s really exhausting; I have tried so many different things and it’s still hanging on. I feel fine during the day, but evenings are usually just resting, so I have taken my sewing machine, with it’s special table to the shop and I keep sewing “at work”.

work space

I love my new working space! I can easily see if we have some customers in the shop, and I have all those large tables to spread my work on them, it’s very spoiling. So what am I working on??

working on

There are three pieces, which are quilted, just waiting to be trimmed and have a binding put on.

my sister's quilt

I have finally started to quilt my sister’s quilt I was writing about it here, here and here. I have done all the quilting in a ditch to secure it and now I’m going to work on the quite intensive free motion quilting.

working onAnd there is quite a pile of things which are ready to quilt! One large quilt, four wall hangings,  two panels, quilted jacket and two table center pieces. It’s so nice to see it all in one place and keep finishing one by one. That’s why it’s good to have a larger projects and smaller projects, so that I can finish one small one in the middle of big one and squeeze in starting yet another one 🙂 That’s the way I work, Olivier is quite the opposite, he loves the soak in one project at a time. And we supplement each other very well here.

Thank you for reading


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