What is on my atelier table ….

Next to a lot of mess … Olivier and my mum are always amazed how can I work next to all the layers of fabrics and cups of tea etc. BUt I have a tunnel vision once I’m focused on a project!! And at the moment I’m working on couple of commissions … First is two simple single bed quilts, another one is to make another of my “original” Chakra wall hanging (you can see it in my first post ) and another one is to make a felted vest. I had several of them on display during my Open Studio this year and one lady loved them so much, she asked me to make her one …

I have a bolt of teal boiled wool fabric, which will be used for the “body” of the body warmer/vest and a bottom rim, lapel and collar will be made from the felt, which will be nicely embroidered. I have pieced the vest, lady fits it perfectly and I have made a sample of the felt to show her the colours and stitch, and because I’m too practical the sample will be turn into lovely cuffs …2014-08-19 23.39.42

peacock cuffs 2014-08-19 23.38.43 2014-08-19 23.39.17




I just love turquoise colour, that’s probably why the first bolt of the washed wool fabric I have ordered is in this colour!!! I have already designed and cut out one for myself and cut out one for sale on ETSY and I’m going to let Olivier to design that one himself.

I just love making these vests. The combination of dressmaking, felting and quilting it’s just ideal for me.  It all started with a jacket for Olivier’s mum … but let me tell you about that next time …

Thank you for reading


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  1. What a gorgeous colour and such beautiful embroidery. its going to be a super body warmer/vest/gillet (?)


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