I love productive weekends!

There are lazy weekends, when you just want to stay in bed or at least in sofa watching movie or reading a book. Then there are outdoor weekends, when you only come home to eat and sleep and then there are the productive weekends!!! I love those and I just had one. The shop is closed Sunday and Monday, but Oli was in the shop on Saturday, so I spend all Saturday playing with kids at home. But Sunday we were both at home, weather wasn’t the best, so I was building planes out of lego, pretended to be pourly baby, did some sticking, beading and in the gaps when Balthazar was asleep and  Jasmine was happy playing on her own I worked on new project for Autumn workshop list ….

SO there is new hexagonal table centre piece ….

hexagonal centre piece

I couldn’t resist another design of Cathedral window cushion …. and I haven’t done feather quilting for a while so just not to loose the skill 🙂

Cathedral window cushion

And for a while now I’m working on this hand pieced handbag, I saw original pattern in crochet and wanted to make one but the hand sewn one is just ever so slightly faster ….

japanese folding bag

So the first two projects just need the binding to be hand stitched on and the bag has still few hexagons to do and piece them together …. but I’m getting there ….

So what have you been up to?? Any sewing done??

Thank you for reading



  1. Brilliant Vendulka! Have been organising all my art materials, in between going out on the motorbike to enjoy the sunshine! But I sense Autumn in the air ~ always a more creative time for me! 🙂


    • Oh really?! I’m very creative all year long, maybe because we don’t have any garden. The only time I do less is after giving birth … but not planning on another one of those brakes!!


      • Your creativity is inspiring to me ~ you’re so busy and productive. You’ve got your hands full at the moment ~ new baby, new home, new shop and exciting plans for the future, so maybe no more maternity leave just yet! 😉


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