Atelier is finally finished!

Earlier this year we have opened our online shop and I have moved my blog to be under one roof. Even though I haven’t’ been writing much it just didn’t work for me the way I wanted, so I’m back on my old blog …. for all of you subscribed, nothing should change ….

After two months, I can say that our Atelier (it’s a french word for a workshop and in our house we call this our workroom) is finally finished!!

When we moved in, this was the last room we were sorting out – sleeping, eating, washing and resting/playing was much more important at that time. So for quite a while this room was just filled with everything we used to have in old atelier and also other things which didn’t have a place at that time could be found there!

boxes in the atelierboxes in the atelier







So firstly we took most of the stuff outside – to mess up rooms which were already tidy – and after few hours of measuring and thinking we found the best way to fit a large table in. My sewing table found it’s place  and I was able to display threads on my threads unit which Oli made me couple of years ago!

table fittingtable







Then buying new “worktop” for the large table and construction could begin. The best thing about this table is that we even managed to keep a small space for Jasmine underneath. We had some leftover carpet, so she had it all nice and carpeted and when I’m sewing she loves playing in there with here teddies or dollies.

table constructions


space for jasmine

The table had a  a “stuff” on it to be sorted for nearly month and when we felt brave with Oli, we got in and kept sorting for an hour and had to call it a day. But last weekend we finally cleared all the last bits. It only lasted 5 minuted to fill it with all again but this time with the work in progress … Open studio is getting closer and closer and my head is buzzing with ideas, which were nesting there nearly a year and now I’m turning them all into real things. I was without proper work space for more than two months, which seems like forever, but if was actually nice to have some rest and was still doing some crochet … so kept my fingers busy …





Thank you for reading …






  1. Surprisingly we do rest much more since we moved! And also spend much more time with kids as it’s two of the now and I don’t want Jasmine to feel overlooked. Te change only did us good!!


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