Retreat with Yvonne Brown

YvonneBrown tilesYvonne Brown tilesI just had a wonderful week of undisturbed sewing and learning new techniques. We had another Retreat we have organized and I treated myself to be there all week as a student as well. And I’m so glad I did so!! I was tired at the end of the week but it was all worth it.
We had Yvonne Brown as our tutor and her workshop was called Tiles! Tiles! Tiles! – she made in last few years lots of wonderful wall hangings, several of them are still touring UK from exhibition to exhibition. Her inspiration for many of them was mediaeval tiles, Italian marbled tiles and stonework on cathedrals etc. Thanks to her passion for this subjects she was experimenting with different techniques to find what suits her the most – working with combination of synthetic materials such as Kunin felt or synthetic satin and natural materials – cotton or silk. Using soldering iron and heat gun will then cut or distress the synthetic material, leaving very interesting effects. You can see more of her work on her website or visit her blog.

Stitched Kunin felt on the cotton fabric, middle one is cut with soldering iron and the last piece is also distressed with heat gun
Stitched Kunin felt on the cotton fabric, middle one is cut with soldering iron and the last piece is also distressed with heat gun

And so seven of us did “work” four and half days ….





























Retreat yvonne brownIMG_1198_resized

I think I’ll be talking for all of us when I say that Yvonne was wonderful tutor, who shared with us every single secret of her work process. We have learned a lot and really hope we’ll be using the techniques she taught us in our future projects, because they offer so many possibilities.  We have each came up with two pieces , which needs little bit work on them, but I’m hoping we all will get them finished over the Christmas and will be able to have a little display of the work in the shop in January – I’ll keep you posted.


I’ll be working on my pieces in next few weeks, so I’ll keep you posted on the progress….

Thank you for reading


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