While I was ironing …

As I was ironing yesterday, I couldn’t look at the marks on this t-shirt anymore!!

marked t-shirt

And so we took out some fabric markers from Pebeo and had some fun before dinner. I gave Jasmine T-shirt which is not worth saving, to have a go herself.

Jamine and Pebeo markers

Now she can wear this lovely blue t-shirt again!!


And little flower on the back …once I got into it I was unstoppable!

Flower on the t-shirt

And Jasmine’s one is much better as well. Well she is pleased with it!!



Happy crafting



    • Thank you Anita, I don’t want to stress over dirty t-shirts, but at the same time have no intention to throw them away and we have collected over the years so many things to decorate fabrics, that it would be shame not to use them!


      • I have been reading about making rag rugs using old tea shirts! Guess one would need an awful lot of them though! This one you have changed is so pretty now.


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