Festival of Quilts 2021

The Festival of quilts this year has been very special to say the least …

First of all it has been the first show from the start of the pandemic which managed to run – literally only few weeks after the rules have been eased here in the UK. Despite of the lower attendance and less traders I must say it had an amazing atmosphere. Trying to keep everyone safe the isles have been spread out and everyone was kind and very respectful of each other. It’s been week now and I have spoken with lots of people about it and only heard praise !! So a big shout out the the organisers, for taking the situation with responsibility and making us feel really safe and giving us a weekend to remember.

We had a stand on the show and had wonderful time serving lots of customers. We have actually been so busy that I barely had a time to go and see any exhibitions and it’s the first time I haven’t bought a single spool of thread or a piece of fabric!! That’s definitely the first time for me.

Another first this show has brought us is getting a prize!! And not just any prize. We have been chosen first in the 2 person category, but also from all the winners our quilt has been chosen as BEST IN SHOW!!! I’m still so chuffed and grateful!!

Olivier wasn’t supposed to be with me on the show – not being able to get grandmothers over for baby sitting – he had to stay at home with kids and dog. But winning the best in the show – specially with this quilt which he has spend more hours making than I did – he had to be there with me at the award ceremony and so he just came for the day.

I made a video describing our journey from inspiration by work of Sheena Norquay all the way to creating this wonderful work of art called Our ladies. I hope you will enjoy it …

Thank you for reading and listening


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  1. Congraulations Vendulka – your quilt was amazing! It will have inspired and given pleasure to so many other quilters. It was lovely to meet you – I hope that your quilting journey is only just beginning as I think your talents and those of Olivier have the potential to go from strength to strength!

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