Two pair of trousers and a bag

I know I said I’ll tell you about the other side of the wedding gift quilt, but I just have to tell you about what happened on Tuesday.

Balthazar came from nursery after lunch and wore his last pair of trousers – all the others were wet with accidents – we’ve been potty training since last Christmas and he is definitely better but he still has his bad days as well. This last pair he was wearing was actually made by me couple years back for Jasmine. So after an hour in the shop when he had another accident I just put nappy on him and let him run around with naked legs.

But then I thought let’s make him his own pair! So we went to the shelf with children’s fabrics, I had couple of suggestions and he choose two fabrics.I used the rinsed wet trousers as my pattern, took my overlocker out and put together two new pairs!


Look at the happy face! I asked him today if he wants to wear the monkey trousers and he cheered with a big smile on his face. img_6213_fotor

It’s a simple shape with elastic in the waist, little bit longer so they last longer hopefully and of course pockets!! img_6217_fotor

And because I had half and hour before we had to go home and some leftovers I put together a bag because he always take things back and forth to work and back home, so now has his own bag for it. img_6221_fotor

One side of the bag has the fish, the other side has monkeys and inside is a froggy fabric which is left from making his quilt! img_6226_fotor

Let me know if you’d be interested in little tutorial and I can make him third pair and take pictures along the way.

Thanks for reading



  1. He looks so, so happy with his own special trousers and bag. Maybe this might be an encouragement to help towards potty training?
    Tutorial would be excellent thank you; especially fitting those darn pockets properly!!!!!


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