Fabric book tutorial

fabric book tutorialHave you ever seen a lovely fabric book in the shop as a panel, but didn’t get one because you didn’t know what to do with it?? We have two of them in the stock and as I was making them I thought I’ll take some pictures of the process and share with you how it’s done.


fabric book tutorial
Cut out the pages from the panel on the lines. Prepare a piece of wadding slightly larger, place two pages (actually two pair of pages) right sides together on the top of the wadding.
fabric book tutorial
Stitch the pages together, leaving an opening at the bottom for turning inside out.
fabric book tutorial
Trim the excess of the wadding and trim the corners close to the stitching. You can reinforce the stitch in the corners for security.
fabric book tutorial
Turn inside out, push the seams with your fingers, give it a press and top stitch. You can just top stitch the opening or top stitch around the whole double page.
fabric book tutorial
Line up all the pages on top of each other and stitch all of them together on the spine of the book.
fabric book tutorial
Usually the middle pages are slightly smaller than the cover. Center them, so that you have the same gap from the edge on the top as on the bottom.

The trickiest part in making a fabric book is the order of the pages. Before you start sewing them together, just “make” the book as test pinning the pages together on the spine. This should help you to find out which two pairs go together. Then you just have to be careful to keep the top and bottom of the pages the same when placing them right sides together for joining with wadding.

fabric book tutorial

If you don’t have nice thin wadding, you can also use an interfacing, best would be soft or medium strength iron on interfacing, which you iron onto every page and continue constructing in the same way. This would give the book the same strength as wadding but not the bulk.

fabric book tutorial


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