Felted jacket for Oli’s mum

Last Christmas I have made several presents … clothes and cushions etc. One of them I have unfortunately never told you about was a Jacket for Olivier’s mum. Once I was in Czech republic – couple of years ago I have bought these lovely fabrics for winter or autumn jackets. And as Olivier’s mum is kind of person who you love to create for, because she really appreciate the work and loves using those things. So I let her choose the colour – orange it was!  And the process started…

cutting fabrics


I have pieced the jacket and lining, Olivier made the felt and used embellisher to hold the top edge of the felt in place, the rest was just stitched with free motion embroidery and I had a ball!!! Orange jacket IMG_9429 IMG_9422 IMG_9426 IMG_9419 IMG_9423Olivier’s mum loved it and we’re going to France for Christmas this year and I’m hoping to take a pictures of it “in action” somewhere on the beach or so …. And to be honest this jacket just started and kicked of a series of them which laded me the comission I was telling you about last time, so I’ll try to show you all those we have done so far …

Thank you for reading



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